Rates & Dates

Trophy HuntsTypeDatesPriceLicense
Pronghorn AntelopeArcherySep. 1 - Sep. 10$4,000$600
RifleSep. 10 - Nov. 1$4,000$500
Mule DeerArcherySep. 10 - Nov. 1$4,000500
RifleSep. 10 - Nov. 1$4,000500
ElkArcherySep. 10 - Nov. 1$4,000500
RifleSep. 10 - Nov. 1$4,000500

Pricing Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to change. Each hunt includes picking up the hunters and returning them to the local airport providing the hunter arrives at the scheduled date and time. Each hunt normally includes one day in for arrival and one day out for departure.

Now Booking for 2013 Hunts

One half of trip is required at booking with the balance due 30 days prior to your hunt. Deposits are non refundable. Only cash, certified check, or money orders are accepted. No personal checks except for deposit.

Hunters will arrive and depart between 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM mountain time on the scheduled day listed on the contract. All others will have to rent a motel at your own expense and we will pick you up at the regularly scheduled time of arrival and departure.

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