All of what they say they will do and more

Bighorn Sheep Hunt
January 11, 2017

In June of 2013 I drew a coveted desert bighorn sheep tag. Soon after I received several brochures from guides here in Nevada. I started getting on the phone and talking with them for information on what kind of operation they ran and the one that stood out over all of them was Mountain Man Outfitters, out of Winnemucca, Nevada.
Michael does a lot of pre-season scouting so that he knows where the game is and their habits on any given season. Their trucks are in good mechanical condition and he and his guides are not afraid to use them in the toughest conditions. Michael is not only as tough as they come, but he also hunts smart and is outstanding with optics. As he would say we are not leaving the truck for a joy hike, there needs to be a plan for a good stalk so that we can take a big animal. After the harvest he and his guides are outstanding at caring for the meat and the cape. They pack it out for you as well.
If you have the opportunity to experience one of his wall tent camps, they are the real thing. A sheep herder’s stove, great camp cook and great company.
To sum it all up, Mountain Man Outfitters will do all of what they say they will do and more. I have hunted with them twice and yes I shot a nice ram in 2013 and a nice bull elk in 2015.