Mike is an excellent guide

Deer Hunt
January 11, 2017

Mike is an excellent guide and really does know the terrain in northern Nevada better than anyone! He knew the huge deer would be at high elevations, and unfortunately, being a flatlander, I was not in shape enough to climb to where the huge deer were. He recognized my handicap right away, and I was able to take a nice 3×4 with lots of character on the 4th day of the hunt. Mike knew exactly where to go for a good deer without a hefty climb. This was extraordinary in itself considering the drought conditions over the past 3 years. While not huge by the area’s standards, my buck was much larger than any whitetail I’ll ever see in my area of the country! And how do we know I missed out on a huge deer by not being in shape? Because a young fellow from Pennsylvania who was being guided by one of Mike’s sub-guides that made the climb where Mike wanted me to go and killed a HUGE buck the same day I took mine! And Mike’s beautiful wife also makes AWESOME sandwiches! Hope I get to go again!