They did their job

January 3, 2018

This is a testimonial on a non-successful hunt. We would like to thank Michael and his team. They did a great job of trying their best to get my wife a nice elk. We had a few opportunities to harvest, but things just didn’t work out in our favor. My wife got very sick the first half of the hunt and had to go to the ER for a night. His sub guide was very kind and stuck it out with us even after us getting him sick too. They worked with us on all our issues. My wife is limited due to her handicaps and all the back surgeries she has had. They at times even carried her up and down mountains, and went way above anything we could expect of them. We saw some really amazing bulls that she just couldn’t make it to in time. Our family has used their service for a few years now, and will never look at anyone else to hunt with. They did their job. Even though we practiced all summer long I feel we didn’t practice the right way. She had several problems with her shooting stick which is our fault. We also got a little excited when she had a shot on a huge bull that was at the 400 inches of antler mark. Again I must say they did their job and the Johnson family thank them very much.